Dunston Croquet Club, Lincolnshire


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Dunston Croquet Club in Lincolnshire started in 2019 playing on lawns shared with Dunston Bowls Club at Dunston Playing Field, but in 2023 moved to play on Dyson Farming Cricket Ground, Nocton.


2024 Season
We shall start our new season on Thursday 4 April.

NKDC Lottery
Take part in Dunston Croquet Club's NKDC Lottery.  50% of proceeds go to help the club improve its facilities and keep our membership fees down.  Click here to go to our lottery page or ring 01529 708015 and say that you wish to buy tickets in the NKDC Lottery for Dunston Croquet Club.

Croquet is an ideal form of sport and exercise which can be played while maintaining social distancing, if desired.  We are able to accept new players, so if you are interested in joining, please contact us. If you have never picked up a croquet mallet before, do not feel that you cannot join the Club. Many members start with no knowledge of the game, so we give tuition.  Croquet combines mental and physical skills. Strategy is as important as skill in hitting the ball where you want it to go. As the Croquet Association says: "Croquet is a challenging and intriguing sport requiring tactical ability, judgment and skill rather than strength and fast reflexes". It is also one of the few sports where men & women and young & old can compete equally in a social yet competitive environment.  No special kit is required, but please wear flat shoes to protect the lawn.  Look at the short video below.

CA video

For Further information please send a message via our Contact Page or call Ralph Timms on 01526 322 515 or email secretary[at] .


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