Dunston Croquet Club, Lincolnshire

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Croquet?
A: Croquet is played on a preferably completely flat and closely-mown fine grass court. The standard court size is 35 x 28 yards, but at Dunston we play on three lawns 20 x 25 yards, i.e. 5/7th of standard size.  The courts are laid out with six iron hoops and a peg set firmly into the ground.  The game is played with mallets and four balls. There are two main types of Croquet played in the UK: Golf and Association. They have different rules and tactics, but have the same basic objective of getting a ball to go through a hoop. In both games the Blue and Black balls play against the Red and Yellow.  Croquet is a good combination of the mental and the physical. Strategy is equally as important as skill in hitting the ball where you want it to go.  It is also one of the few sports that men and women can play on equal terms.

Q: What is the difference between Golf Croquet and Association Croquet?
A: In Golf Croquet players contest each hoop in turn, moving on to the next as soon as each one is scored. Balls are played in strict sequence and each player has one shot per turn. In Association Croquet there is only one player on the lawn and each player may start his turn with either of his balls. He can use the other balls to continue his turn, extra strokes are earned by causing the ball you are hitting with your mallet (the "Striker's Ball") either to run its hoop or to hit another ball, and might run several hoops in one turn, as a break – rather like snooker.  See the Croquet Association website for more information.  At Dunston we play mostly Golf Croquet.

Q: Which form is easier to play?
A: Golf Croquet is the easier way to start playing croquet. Most players will be playing a game after their first introduction to the game.  Both forms of the game start with simple ideas, but offer rich opportunities for tactical thinking. The result is a combination of skill and strategy not often found in outdoor games, a sport that keeps you physically and mentally fit, providing a social yet competitive environment.

Q: Does one play singles or doubles?
A: Both forms of Croquet can be played as singles or doubles. In singles, each player has two balls; in doubles, each player plays has one ball.

Q: How can I try it out?
A: Contact us via the Contact page .  We'll be pleased to welcome you and you can have your first two sessions with an introduction to the Golf Croquet game without charge and without committing yourself. The only requirements are an interest in the game and a pair of flat-soled shoes.  We'll provide all the equipment.

Q: When is the Croquet season?
A: We play from the beginning of April until the end of October. Most clubs follow suit, some may decide to play longer, depending on the weather and the condition of their lawns.

Q: Is it expensive?
A: We provide hoops, balls and mallets, so the only cost is your club membership which at Dunston is currently £35 a year plus a weekly fee of £5 for the weeks you play, or £100 a year.  The fees include light refreshments duing playing sessions.  Prospective new members get the first two weeks free.  After playing for some time, most players decide to buy their own mallets at a cost of about £200.


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