Thank you to the clients who have taken time to write a testimonial about their personal experience. A therapeutic massage is a benefit to most people whether they want a relaxing massage or an effective treatment for a variety of conditions.

"I had surgery to correct a rotator cuff injury, but was still in a lot of pain. The deep tissue massage from Aase, helped break up pockets of inflammation and combined with her stretching techniques, enabled me to make a far speedier recovery. She is knowledgeable, and I feel very confident in her abilities. I have a regular massage now, not only to remove stiffness in my shoulder, but as a way to relax and de-stress. I would recommend Aase to anyone."

"Treatment and surgery for breast cancer has left multiple parts of my body scarred, tight and painful. My surgeon recommended clinical massage as a way of regaining mobility and softness in the affected areas and I'm so glad that a friend recommended Aase to me. She has a nurturing, thorough and diligent approach which inspires confidence and enables me to really relax. Aase always takes time to customise the massage directly to my needs, taking care to talk through issues and suggest different approaches.

What I really like is that she responds in the moment to my body's feedback and changes her methods appropriately.

After just one session of myofascial release massage, my scar tissue felt softer and more supple, and I was able to move and stretch more easily the following day. It's important to remember that treatment has a cumulative effect, so I recommend a series of weekly massages if you want to notice a real and lasting difference. Thank you, Aase!"

"Every time Aase visits, my back, which is my main problem, feels so much looser and less achy. Her new techniques really help my muscles and I would thoroughly recommend her services."

"Aase is an excellent massage therapist practitioner. I have been engaging her services for over a year now, principally to address various ache & strains that I have suffered as a consequence of the various sporting activities that I participate in (including running, cycling, weight training). Aase always seeks to fully understand any issues/discomfort you are experiencing so that her massage treatment can be 'laser guided' to hit the correct spot(s).

She is an enthusiastic and committed professional who keeps herself up to date with regard to the latest theory & best practice. I particular like the 'Hot Stones' she has recently invested in, that warm up the muscle groups being targeted, making them more receptive to her massage skills. On leaving, my general sense of well-being and mindfulness is always enhanced - keep up the great work Aase!"

"Aase provides a higly effective professional massage that really helps revitalise and relax the body and mind. She takes time to listen and understand problem areas to recommend an approach that will work for you as an individual. Her hot stone massage is fantastic and helps unknot tight muscles. I would very much recommend Aase."

"After several experiences of Aase's massage skills I can happily testify to her empathetic and distinctive technique that leaves both the body revived and the mind relaxed."

"I thoroughly recommend Aase who is a brilliant massage therapist. She provides a very professional service, researches your particular need and talks you through the techniques she uses. It's an incredible therapeutic experience."

"I have suffered from tension, headaches and migraines for several years and was finding my medications ineffective. I had a massage with Aase during a migraine and this relieved the pain significantly. I now have regular massage to prevent my headaches and this has been highly successful; I am currently medication free."
Sarah S

"I was going through a particularly low time and couldn't believe how kind Aase was to offer a massage. She completely calmed me but at the same time rejuvenated my feelings. I had broken a foot and couldn't believe the sensation going through my legs to the foot and she worked on back, neck and shoulder.

It was amazing and I would recommend anyone to have a massage with Aase. You really feel great afterwards."
Sarah W

"I would recommend massage with Aase. This treatment helped my tight muscles and stiff joints, and made me feel more supple."

"This was my first ever massage. It felt both relaxing and refreshing. It has helped to ease my tense muscles. My lower back pain is much improved after a session of deep tissue massage and stretching. Looking forward to the next treatment."

"Due to my type of work I suffer with a back problem. Since I have been having a regular back massage with Aase, she has made a major improvement in my ongoing back problem. I find Aase very professional, courteous and helpful, she will take time to listen and seems to find a way to help every time. I cannot recommend Aase highly enough. Thank you."

"As a keen cyclist I've been having regular massage from Aase, not just for my legs but also to ease muscle ache across the top of my back, caused by many miles in the saddle. I've found Aase to be excellent in resolving this and making me feel generally more supple on and off the bike. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

"Aase has an amazing talent. Before treatment she listens carefully to your needs so that afterwards you feel both calm and back in control of your body, I cannot recommend Aase enough, you will not be disappointed."

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