Chairman - Derek Gurney Secretary - Peter Binfield Treasurer - Gerald Marlow Speaker Secretary - David Waltham-Hier Outings Secretary - Mark French Membership Secretary - Jeff Oglethorpe Hospitality Co-ordinator - Peter Johnson Raffle - Stephen Blackshaw Committee Member - Stephen Collett

Alton Probus is a social club for retired or semi-retired men. We meet on the last Friday of each month for an excellent 2-course lunch at the Hen and Chicken Pub, GU34 4JH at Upper Froyle just outside Alton, Hampshire. As well as catching up on the local news, we have a speaker talking on a variety of topics after the meal. Some members, with or without their partners, also meet there for an informal luncheon the second Wednesday of every month. Outings are also arranged from time-to-time, a flavour of which can be seen in our picture gallery.

The “Aircraft Enthusiast Group” has proved very successful with many outings during the year. Please see a report and picture on our gallery page.

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and have an even wider range of interests and hobbies. They include Architects, Accountants, Engineers, Chemists, Bankers, Brewers, Teachers and Civil Servants, as well as Officers of the Armed Forces and people who have run their own companies and many more.
Why not come and join us, whether you have a similar background or whether your working life would add to the diversity of professions and businesses already represented.