Messianic Praise

About The Conference

What's Going To Happen?

This conference will focus on a distinctive style of congregational worship dance known as messianic or davidic dance.

During the day, there will be an introductory talk, a series of practical workshops, and a final session for sharing and worship.
In the evening, we're pleased to welcome Hebron, featuring Simon Elman, Chrissy Rodgers, and Helen Shapiro, to lead a
time of worship and celebration. This meeting will also include some presentations and a talk from a guest speaker.

We have held four similar events in previous years, which have been well-attended and a great blessing to all who came.

What Is Messianic Dance?

The 1960s and 1970s saw the beginning of the modern messianic Jewish movement, as many Jewish people
came to faith in Jesus (they prefer to use his hebrew name of Yeshua). These new believers began to explore
ways of expressing their faith in ways that were consistent with their Jewish heritage. When Jewish people get
together, they dance. And when Jewish people who have discovered that their messiah came 2000 years ago
get together, they have even more reason to dance! The style of dance that emerged is called Messianic Dance
(or Davidic Dance after King David, who famously danced before the Ark of the Covenant). Based on Israeli folk
dance, it enables everyone to dance together in praise and worship. The dances vary from joyful praise to reverent
worship and mostly take the form of a circle, so there is no performance element and everyone supports each other.

The experience of dancing in worship with a large group of people has
been described as the closest thing to heaven that you'll find on earth.

Sounds interesting? Come and give it a try!

Is It Biblical?

Of course! Dance as an expression of worship is mentioned several times in the bible (see Exodus 15:20, 2 Samuel 6:14,
Psalm 30:11, 149:3, 150:4, and Jeremiah 31:4,13 for examples). In addition, many hebrew and greek words that
are translated "rejoice" or "celebrate" carry a sense of expressive movement such as jumping for joy or
spinning around. We also know that biblical dance was a communal activity that many people participated in.

Who Can Come?

Anyone! Messianic dance is for everyone - you don't need any dance ability or experience. All are welcome,
men and women, young and old, from complete beginners to trained dancers. You just need a heart for worship!

There is no children's programme, but most sessions will be suitable for age 7 upwards,
with appropriate parental supervision. Why not bring the whole family?

Please consider coming just for the evening if you can't make the whole day.

General Information

Please wear suitable clothes and appropriate shoes for dancing. The venue has a carpeted floor.

Drinks and biscuits will be supplied, but participants will need to provide their own lunch and tea.
If you do not want to bring packed meals, there are many shops, restaurants, and take-aways nearby.

Videos, music, and other items will be available to purchase.

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