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In collaboration with Digital-4, Signblazer have developed a complete range of software and hardware to leverage modern networking and computing to realise a complete Captioning and Surtitling system. From importing to outputting text to bespoke LED signage, Tablet devices and any PC display device your audience can follow dialogue visually as well as audibly.

Some previous Captioning experiences can be viewed at these external sites:

The Guardian, The Stage, slfirst,

We have also produced Surtitling systems for Garsington Opera, the Barbican and Spymonkey.

Welcome to SopraText

Captioning, Surtitling and Foreign Language Subtitling.

Based on a firm foundation of over 25 years in the electronic sign industry Signblazer have developed a complete system for Captioning which is aimed at Hard of Hearing audience members, Surtitling which is aimed at foreign language translation of Operas and also Subtitling - aimed at the corporate environment where talks/lectures and conferences can be enjoyed by audience members who do not speak the language of the presenter.

The output can be run simultaneously on several devices with infinite combinations of language and output device.

We manufacture the LED signs here in the UK using quality components that have been proven reliable.

All software and firmware is developed in house in the UK allowing fast response to any technical queries.

Bespoke alterations to the software are possible as are bespoke signage designs.

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