A Holiday in Lot et Garonne

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How to Book Your Winter / Long-term Holiday

To book your holiday follow the steps below:

1. Check Winter Availability and then email or call us to make your booking.   

2. We will confirm availability.

3. You then need to complete and sign our Winter Booking Form and mail it to us. The payment schedule is:

 A) : At time of Booking you should pay:

  1. A non-refundable Booking Deposit of 250.

If your booking is within 8 weeks (56 days) of your arrival at the villa, then the full payment as shown in (B) below should be paid instead.

It is advisable to confirm by email or telephone that you have mailed the completed booking form together with the payments described above. We will hold the reservation for up to five days.

B) : At Eight Weeks prior to arrival at the villa, you should pay

  1. A Security Deposit of 500. This is held to secure against damage or breakages to the property or its contents.
  2. The balance of the first month's rent.  (Adjusted for the Deposit)
  3. Advance charge for Utilities (See Terms & Conditions)

C) : During your residence, at the end of each month, you should pay:

  1. The next month's rent
  2. Advance charge for the next month's utilities
D) : After departure from the property, there is a settlement as follows:
  1. Refund of the Security Deposit, adjusted for any outstanding telephone costs and breakages. (See Terms and Conditions for details)
  2. Actual usage of Utilities (including telephone) against Advance charges.

4. Payment Methods: if you are in the UK, payment should be by Sterling or Euro cheque, made payable to George and Mary Brooke or via Bank Transfer. From outside the UK, payment should be made by Bank Transfer. Non-UK Bank Transfers will be subject to an additional £25 surcharge to cover collection fees.

5. Terms and Conditions: All bookings are subject to our full Winter Terms and Conditions which you must read.