Sapper History

World War 1 Timeline

28 June 1914 to 28 June 1919

Compiled by Martin Stoneham MInstRE



Notes on the timeline tables:

1. Column 1 shows the date in full for ease of reference.

2. Column 2 shows events on the Western Front.

3. Column 2 shows events related to the Corps of Royal Engineers.

4. Column 3 shows related events, other areas of the war and notes.

5. The information in this table has been drawn from a number of sources and there were some conflicting dates. The primary source whose dates have been accepted is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site Histories section where brief accounts of the various actions, some maps and images can be found. These were prepared by the CWGC in collaboration with the IWM.

6. 5 The Western Front VC winners shown correspond to those in ‘Sapper VCs’ by Gerald Napier and as such include associated Corp and those who were not serving in the Corps at the time of the award & either had served in the Corps before or joined it after the event.

7. Co-ordinates can be provided by the author who has visited the location of the event [s] that led to the award of each VC.

8. The Albert Medal was succeeded by the George Cross in September 1940.

9. The end date is date the Treaty of Versailles was signed.

10. The author will re-issue this from time to time. If you wish to receive revised versions please email:  He will also be pleased to be made aware of any errors or omissions.