Sapper History




These podcasts were recorded by Rotary Radio in 2019

and are reproduced here with their permission.


Martin was interviewed by Rotary Radio presenter Steve Wood.

These talks were unscripted so there are inevitably some errors.

Each talk is about 15 minutes long.


Please note that the links below will take you off this web site
to my Dropbox account.  Click the play arrow if the talk does not start.


First session part 1

First session part 2

Introduction, general comments and identification of

the Unknown Captain Royal West Kent Regiment.


Peninsular War 1
Reference back to the First Session, touches on the CWGC
and then the Peninsular War.

Peninsular War 2
Note that the reference to the purchase and sale of commissions mentioned
in this talk applies only to the cavalry and infantry.
Commissions in the Artillery and Engineers could not be bought and sold.

This talk ends just prior to the Battle of Waterloo.

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