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A business card is a necessary accompaniment at any event where 'networking' is likely to happen. A person will be remembered for longer if a business card is accepted.

In the online world, a profile listing on a social networking website like will add to a person's search engine visibility and enhance their credibility and authenticity.

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25 Suggested Emotions
Negative > Positive(PMA)
Antonym > Synonym
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Greed > Enthusiasm
Jealousy > Faith
Hatred > Love
Revenge > Sex
Fear > Desire
Superstition > Romance
Anger > Hope
Denial > Prosperity
Envy > Gratitude
Dishonesty > Integrity
Intimidate > Encourage
Acceptance > Challenge
Antagonism > Friendliness
Indifference > Compassion
Doubt > Conviction
Competition > Creativity
Condemn > Praise
Stubborn > Willing
Humiliate > Honour
Shame > Pride
Premeditated > Spontaneous
Lack > Surplus
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Closed > Open
Selective > Random
Controlling > Supportive

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