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These webpages are devoted to the pottery of Bill Crumbleholme, which is largely inspired by the Bronze Age Beaker Folk and other prehistoric pottery styles.

Visit the pottery section to see what Bill is currently producing.

Bill runs pottery classes (which have a massive waiting list!) and occasional workshops.

Follow this link to see this events page, where details of some of the forthcoming events can be seen, including workshops.

Links are given here for the workshops held at Butser Iron Age Farm on 22nd & 23rd April 2023 and The Ancient Technology Centre at Cranborne on 13th & 14th May 2023.

Bill's 2022 project was the production of a collection of prehistoric pottery replicas for Bournemouth University Archaeology Department, to help the students understand the nature of those types of pots. There is an archive page at this link.

Replica Pots

This is a link to a page that shows how Bill makes a simple beaker.

"The Ridgeway Pottery Collective", some of Bill's students, have started to work together more cohesively. Born of the folk who are addicted to using the wood fuelled kiln to fire their pots, the group now comes together to sell their wares at various events. Follow this link for an introduction.

Bill's constructed a Bread Oven in his garden, although it is not an exact replica of an ancient oven, it has many features of early ovens. This is the link to see images with explanations of the construction and use.

In September 2020 Bill ran a pottery workshop at Butser Iron Age Farm, including some firing which is explained at this link.

In August 2019, Bill carried out some firing demonstrations at "Out of Eden" in Wales. There is an archive report with images and text at this link.

In March 2019, Bill was at the Ancient Technology Centre, firing Black Burnished Ware replicas in a kiln made of turf. A report and images can be found at this link.

Bill conducted Pit Firings with his fellow potter Jennie Hanrahan. There are archives of images and comments at this link.

Bill in the pit

Bill standing in the Pit, removing the contents.

On 5th November 2016, Bill and friends did some experimental firings of their ancient pottery replicas at the site of the Upwey Village Bonfire. See this link for a description of the activities.

There is a page that features images of Bill's studio at home, after being set up for the Artwey Art Trail in September 2014.

Glastonbury Ware replicas

Replicas of Glastonbury Ware Bowls

Bill has a passion for ancient pottery, he undertakes experimental archaeology and explorations into Neolithic and Bronze Age techniques.

Bill's most famous commission was the collection of replicas for the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre, see details at this link.

Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre Display of Replica pottery

Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre Display of Replica pottery

Bill undertakes experimental pottery firings, using bonfires and simple kilns made of turf.

Clamp firing at Down Farm

A clamp firing experiment at Martin Green's Farm by Bill, more can be seen at this link.

Commissions include beaker replicas for Somerset County Council Museum service. They are copies of the 3 beakers found at Hincley Point in the Wick Barrow and Neolithic style bowls, there is a page about this project at this link.

Cre4mation Urn

A sample cremation urn, being developed for at  Higher Ground Meadow, a local natural burial ground where a large bronze age style barrow has been built with niches for urns.

There is an interesting introduction to the spread of beaker culture at this link.


Bill is a potter living and working in Dorset on the south coast of England.

These pages provide a taster for some of Bill's pottery activities, such as workshops, with links into the archive pages dealing with particular events, such as projects or firings.

Follow this link to see images of Bill's pottery types, also with copies of his "care labels" which explain the inspirations for the various ancient pots.

Beaker wood fired

This is a wood fired beaker, with decoration applied with a comb. Details of the firings are at this link.

This is a YouTube video of Bill throwing a collared urn, it has been speeded up to last a minute, instead of 15!


Bill has built a large brick kiln which is fuelled with wood, follow this link to see an archive of each firing.

Bill in front of the wood kiln

Bill in front of the wood kiln

A batch of collared urns fired in the wood kiln, decorated by rope impressions, toasted by the flames and ash. Some are hand-built, some thrown. See this link for the story of their firing.

Bill also makes contemporary pottery, but most of that is heavily influenced and inspired by ancient wares. He throws these and fires them either in electric kiln or the wood kiln above.


"Mortaria" Wood fired bowls in the style of Roman Mortaria.

Bill made a batch of replicas of the Amesbury Archer beakers and fired them in an open bonfire, there is a page about this project, including a YouTube video at this link.

If you wish to contact Bill please email him :-

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These webpages were set up originally to promote all aspects of the Bronze Age, but recently that content has been moved to a new site, managed by Bill for the Ancient Wessex Network at this link.


Hot Raku Pots

Bill also conducts Raku firing, more can be seen at this link.

Bill is a member of the Upwey Potters, in his home village. Their website is at this link.


A batch of Bill's best sellers - Beaker drinking vessels