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" Woden" - Wood Fired Kiln - The Thirteenth Firing!

This page records the thirteenth firing of the Woden kiln in March 2015.

No changes had been made structurally to the kiln before this firing.

The firing was masterminded by Laurence Eastwood, who had made most of the pots - with a few guests.

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Making Pots

Loading Pots

Firing Kiln

Unloading Pots


Making Pots - 2015


There are no images of making pots this firing


Loading Pots 2015


Back of kiln loaded

Front of kiln loaded

Laurence Eastwood just finished load back section - happy so far!





Firing Kiln - 2015


The firing crew

The cones have fallen - so it has reached the right temperature.






Unloading Pots - 2015


The front before unloading

The back ready to unload

Laurence's porcelain jar

Laurence's porcelain bowls







Report and Conclusions

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Laurence was very happy!

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