Ridgeway Potters Collective

Bill Crumbleholme, "The Beakerfolk Potter", and some of his pottery class students have started to work together more cohesively under this banner.

Born of the folk who are addicted to using the wood fuelled kiln to fire their pots, the group now comes together to sell their wares at various events.

The collective has a website :-


Their events will be listed on their Facebook Page -


The collective potters are introduced below. (Bill is detailed elsewhere on this website!)

Nix Hawkins

Nix Hawkins

Nix is a domestic ware maker, with a fine eye for design and colour.

Her website is at www.nixhawkinsceramics.com

Her Etsy shop is at this link.

Belinda Sales

Belinda's chickens

Belinda mainly uses raku firing to create her sculptures and pictures. Her website is at this link.

Richard Gould

Richard makes fucntional vessels, vases, mugs, jugs and bowls. His Facebook Page can be found at this link.

Nick Jackson, Birgit Falker, Steve Pallant

Information about these potters will follow in due course.

Processes of making and firing pottery

Wood fired kiln opened

The collective potters mainly use a large brick kiln which is fuelled with wood, follow this link to see an archive of each firing.

Raku firing

They have become famous for demonstrating Raku firing, more about this can be seen at this link.


naked raku

naked raku

"Naked Raku" is a particular type of raku, explained at this link.

If you wish to contact Bill please email him :-

Bill is a member of the Upwey Potters, in his home village. Their website is at this link.