English Heritage - Festival of History 2006

Bill Crumbleholme made an appearance at English Heritage's big living history event at Kelmarsh near Northampton. With help from his wife, Bill demonstrated firing Bronze Age pottery in a bonfire and displayed beakers and urns made by him.

Bill’s bonfire drew the crowds, especially when the weather turned unpleasant. He showed how beakers and urns were fired inside a raging bonfire and helped to portray life in the Bronze Age.

Here are a few images from 2006

With apologies for the weird colour - the camera was set incorrectly!

(See 2005 for some better images!)

Friday night featured a private party, with rabbit stew - boiled in a pot on the fire.


The firing on Saturday was reasonable, considering the conditions were windy and damp.

On Sunday a single heavily grogged urn was quickly fired in the afternoon,
after the rain had stopped.