Beaker Folk Pottery Beaker Folk Bronze Age Pottery

Durrington Walls 2007

The English Heritage guided Stonehenge Riverside Environment Project includes a living history display and demonstrations, together with access to several of the ongoing archeaological digs being done in the area.

The Age of Bronze is a Society which experiments with the Living History of the Bronze Age, showing and explaining the life to the Public. Follow this link to find out more about them.

They appeared in 2007 at Durrington Walls, very near Woodhenge and not far from Stonehenge, over the late August Bank Holiday weekend and the 8th & 9th September 2007.

This is a huge henge site, being excavated by teams of archaeologists from several universities as part of a larger Stonehenge Environment Project, they have found Neolithic and Bronze Age structures and artefacts.

For information about the Project take a look at :-

Follow this link to see the page about the 2006 event.

The site was visited by the Time Team a couple of years ago. An important prehistoric ceremonial route has been found from the adjacent river Avon to Stonehenge. Certainly the whole feature has the feel of an amptheatre, with a massive chalk wall around a rising valley.

Evidence of feasting has been found, so this was probably the location of the catering concessions, with young pigs being a house speciality!

It is famous for "Grooved Ware" a late Neolithic/early Bronze Age style of pottery - with decorations consisting of (you guessed it!) grooves.

Durrington Walls Grooved Ware Urn

Here are some iimages of the event in 2007.

A trench across the blocked-up southern entrance of Durrington Walls,
this threw up some pieces of beaker.

Kate's collection of animal skins and wools.

What the well dressed Bronze Age ladies wear in good weather!

The kayak made by Edwin.

Images of the Bonfire firing of pottery will follow in due course.