Cloth and clothing

Bronze Age cloth and clothing can be identified from various fragments preserved in weird ways and from some other ways.

Here are some images used for research.


Shoes from Emmer Erfscheidenveen, Holland

Wrap round woollen skirt and calfskin cloak from Emmer Erfscheidenveen, Holland

Painting of above clothing, note sheepskin cap complete with tail!


Needlework on blouse from Skrydstrup, Holland

Egtved woman's woollen clothes

Man's costume and artefacts from Trindhoj, Denmark

Same in colour!

Reproduction costume

Needlework on edging of clothes

Muldbjerg male costume and ornaments

Muldbjerg chieftain in coffin

Old Man from Borum Eshoj

Woman's clothing from Borum Eshoj

Young Man from Borum Eshoj

Otzi - the Iceman