Jane Brayne

Jane Brayne is an illustrator who specialises in depicting prehistoric scenes. She has brought alive many archaeological projects with her evocative capturing of the finds and scenery. She researches the subject matter and builds up an image using the pieces of the jigsaw discovered by the archaeologists.

The Bestwall Quarries project's leaflet features her work, including some images based on the pottery recreations which Bill Crumbleholme was involved with. Indeed a very suspicicious character can be seen lurking near the far kilns.

The AONB South Dorset Ridgeway Awareness project leaflet cover boasts one of Jane's images of the "Bincombe Bumps" barrow group. She talked at the early public meetings about how that image was built up.

Wessex Archaeology called in Jane to provide the media with something visual when the story broke of the discovery of the Amesbury Archer (or more grandly the King of Stonehenge).



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