These pages feature information and images about the Beaker Folk Pottery. They have been set up by Bill Crumbleholme, a professional potter living and working in Dorset on the south coast of England.

Bill is interested in researching all aspects of the Beaker culture, particularly the pottery. He also wants to share his knowledge and ideas with other people and also learn from them, working with archaeologists by conducting experiments into ancient pottery techniques.

Bill makes and sells pottery inspired by his researches, examples can be seen at this link.

The Ancient Wessex Network, which often features the Beaker Folk Pottery has a separate website at this link.

There are video clips and images of Bill's pots and firings throughout the site, for starters take a look at the video at this link.

Bill runs workshops and events demonstrating the methods he is exploring.

Bill's current project is a commission to produce replica pottery for the visitor centre at Hengistbury Head, a multi-period trading port at the mouth of the Christchurch Harbour. Details can be seen at this page.