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Amesbury Archer Beakers

Bill has made a batch of replicas of the Amesbury Archer Beakers.

To see more images and a description of the firing follow this link.

This is a YouTube video of the firing


Beaker Folk - Jane Brayne's Illustration of Amesbury Archer
This is Jane Brayne's illustration of the Amesbury Archer.

See this link for more about the Amesbury Archer - or King of Stonehenge as he is also known

See this link for details of his current resting place at Salisbury.

Beaker Folk Amesbury Archer Beaker All Over Corded
This is one of Bill's All Over Corded Beakers, just drying out before firing.

Beaker Folk Amesbury Archer Beakers
These beakers are cooling down.
To see more images and a description of this firing follow this link.