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Are you too busy earning fees?

I know what it's like. I've been in the legal business for over 25 years, 17 of them as a partner in large law firms. I've been a head of department and held a number of management roles. You can't reconcile the competing pressures on your time between serving your clients and running your business. Which one gets neglected?

I can undertake that project you've always meant to do but can't find the time.  With all my experience I know what needs doing. I won't need a lot of time-consuming input and supervision from you. You'll get a thought-through, polished result, every time. Let your lawyers do what they do best, and contract out the non-chargeable work to me. It will get done on time and in budget.

Marketing: I can help you to sell your services to business people. Do you need a marketing plan for a team, a new market or a new service? Perhaps you want to implement key relationship management, tracking where your work is coming from and managing your contacts with important clients and referrers?  Do you have a rebranding project or a need for new website? Do you need PR, articles or newsletters? Email or social networking marketing? A seminar programme? I help legal firms retain and gain clients.

Training: I'm an experienced speaker and presenter, responsible for corporate training at previous firms. I provide one-off seminars or complete training programmes, either for your clients or for your lawyers. The content isn't enough - it's about inspiration and understanding.

Know-how and precedents: I've been responsible for corporate know-how at three firms, and I know how valuable it is when it works - and how costly it can be to get it wrong. These are essential tools of your business, used to drive efficiency.

Performance and Compliance: I'm a partner in a separate business specialising in smart compliance for law firms, Wade Robinson LLP. I'm hot on the professional rules, money-laundering and costs recovery. Try me! And I've been involved in implementing Lexcel or its equivalent at four past firms. Wade Robinson can devise systems to comply with all the requirements with the least bureaucracy and enhance the profitability of your practice. We can also bring you our experience and judgement in improving the financial performance of your practice without departing from its core values. We help guide strategy, risk management, succession issues, key performance indicators, financial performance of your lawyers, partner rewards... visit the Wade Robinson LLP website for more details.

Wade Robinson - Practice Perfect

Working on my own keeps the overheads down, so I can do sophisticated consultancy at hourly  rates much lower than you and your lawyers can earn by fee-earning.  Why distract them from doing what they do best?

I'm on your side. Give your consultant a call.

Ring me on 07770 601840. A supportive voice in a busy legal world.

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Want to know more? Contact me on 07770 601840.

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