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Your solicitor should be, above all,
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Business owners have been telling me for years that big law firms are intimidating. They do a good job, but you lose control. Fees run up and your work gets done by people you don’t know, doing things you haven’t asked for. You can’t know whether the benefit is going to justify the fee. I know. I’ve been there.

But there is a better way. I now help businesses like yours by returning to an old-fashioned idea – my solicitor, my trusted adviser, the man I can rely on to sort things out. Calling me is like ringing an old friend.

Totally dependable and always on the end of a phone, I can manage your legal affairs as whole, covering the risk areas and dismissing the insignificant, so you can concentrate on running the business. My legal field is broad – contracts, companies, partnerships, banking, restructuring, tax… If I can’t handle legal work myself, I manage external providers to make sure they deliver on time and at a reasonable cost.

Risk management has become an essential part of business life, and that means a lawyer on hand. Are your contracts up to date? Could you be forced to pay your customer's loss of profit if you couldn’t deliver? Has your company constitution been updated for the Companies Act 2006? What’s your part-time worker policy? Is your intellectual property protected? Have you grabbed the tax advantages of EMI share options? What would happen if your key supplier went bust? Do you have a partnership or shareholder agreement? How have you reacted to the Bribery Act? All issues you know you should look at, but you just don't have the time - or you fear the expense. I can help you change all that.

What's the catch? Well, simply, there isn't one. I’m a former partner in large law firms, specialising in corporate law, with over 25 years’ experience. My work is provided through Excello Law, the virtual law firm, so that it's fully authorised and insured, but it's still an intensely personal service. Working from home keeps the overheads down, so I can do sophisticated legal work at a fraction of the cost of a traditional large law firm. No fancy receptions with plasma screens; no plush boardrooms; no lengthy back-covering reports; no juniors cutting their teeth on your work. You only pay for what you actually want done. You stay in full control.

When you need more resources, Excello Law is a commercial law firm packed with senior, specialist lawyers who can handle large and complex legal needs. We work in teams on larger projects, while never forgetting the importance of the one-to-one relationship with you. 

I can also help you as as in-house counsel, working for your business part-time as required, Beyond the legal field, I can help with strategy, marketing and succession issues, or even act as non-exec director or company secretary.

For anything from a simple contract to a business acquisition, I can help you. Give your solicitor a call.

Ring me on 07770 601840. A friendly voice in a legal world.

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Want to know more? Contact me on 07770 601840.

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