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Quiz answers:

  1. Which is the oldest English statute still in force?
    The first Statute of Marlborough 1267, according to Legislation.gov.uk: "whereas the Realm of England of late had been disquieted with manifold Troubles and Dissensions... It is Provided, agreed, and granted, that all Persons, as well of high as of low Estate, shall receive Justice in the King’s Court...". There are nine statutes in force from before 1300, but most are a sentence or two, of no modern significance. The statutes De Donis Conditionalibus and Quia Emptores were the foundations of modern property and trust law. The Treason Act 1351, which still defines the law of treason, is the 16th oldest. But award yourself a point if you said any of those - or the Statute Forbidding the Bearing of Armour (to Parliament) 1313!

  2. Who is the eponymous hero of the cartoon stories created by Goscinny and Uderzo?
    Asterix the Gaul I was started on the books when I was 7 as a way of learning French, and still have the full set on my shelves. The recent ones aren't as funny, though.

  3. There are ten ways to get out in cricket. List them. 
    Five mainstream ways: bowled, LBW, caught, stumped, run out. Five lesser ones: hit wicket, hit ball twice, handling the ball, obstructing the field, timed out. Timed out? A new batsman must be at the crease within three minutes of a wicket falling.

  4. Name a Pope in the last 100 years whose papal name did not include Paul or Benedict. You needn't give his number.
    Pius (X, XI and XII) or John (XXIII). Since a NatWest quiz many years ago I have been wrongly reputed as knowing all the Popes in history.

  5. Which Thunderbird pilot rode to his craft on a sofa? 
    Alan Tracy, on his way to launch Thunderbird 3 into space. I watched the original series avidly, in black and white.

  6. At which battle did Lord Grey, from Milton Keynes, betray the King and his army?
    The battle of Northampton, 1460, in the Wars of the Roses. Lord Grey of Ruthin was lord of the manors of Old Bletchley, Simpson and Great Brickhill. He commanded part of Henry VI's army in a fortified position at Delapré in Northampton. When Warwick the Kingmaker attacked, his men were helped over the defences by Lord Grey's troops and the King's army was driven into the River Nene.

  7. Which modern country was (largely) at various times a territory of Burgundy, Holland, Austria, France and Spain?
    Belgium. I lived there for most of my youth.

  8. Which city was founded by twin boys?
    Rome, by Romulus and Remus. I have twin sons.

  9. Where in England would you find a carillon (a musical belltower) erected as a war memorial, and the world's largest bell foundry?
    Loughborough - my family's home town.

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