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Workshop Aims

 Workshop Aims

To develop the children's interest in music

To make music making fun

To introduce "classical" music to a generation of children who are increasingly isolated from it. However, the programme will not be exclusively "classical" music

To address requirements of the National Curriculum

To develop listening skills

To develop social awareness of others - through ensemble activities

To develop co-ordination skills - through playing percussion instruments

Programme Details

Programme Details

I will work with a whole class of children at a time (between 20 - 35) - enabling more children to benefit from the sessions, producing a sense of unity in the class and continuing the normal form of their lessons therefore creating a sense of security.

I will endeavour to create an encouraging atmosphere so the children are not afraid of failing. I believe that this kind of environment is the most conducive to learning.

The workshops are designed to happen on a regular basis, in agreement with the primary school, and inside school hours.

Sessions will be 45 - 50 minutes for primary school children and 35-40 minutes for nursery children.

Workshops will include live performance and could involve other musicians as a one-off and at extra cost.

Based around Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

For further information/enquiries please contact me -


30 per session or 120 per day

open email ask for further information

Last Updated on 8/4/2008

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