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"Suzuki" Method?

An un-missable opportunity for any family with young children.

Dr. Suzuki developed this way of teaching music to mirror the way children learn their native language. The children learn by ear first and learn to read music later.

One of Dr. Suzuki's fundamental beliefs was that all children can learn to play a musical instrument. Through this study he believed that the children also learnt many skills used throughout life.

Aims of the Suzuki Approach

Musically - to encourage children to enjoy music through listening and playing with others.

Personally - to stengthen the child-parent relationship and to build peer relationships.

4 year old!?

At 4 years old children are very receptive, eager to learn and their aural abilities are at a peak.

The child begins by listening to the pieces he/she will learn and watching other children playing.

Confidence and Social Skills

Confidence is built through positive atmospheres and lots of praise where it's due. Teachers let each child progress at his/her own rate.

At regular group classes and concerts students have the opportunity to socialise with other children with similar interests.


Students are always performing, whether it is just to the teacher, the parents or in a group class or concert. There are National Suzuki Concerts held every other year in major concert halls - Symphony Hall, Birmingham in 2006.

There are also workshops, both local and national, and a Summer School every year.

For further information/enquiries please contact me -

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